Service Rates

Service rates:

Payment is required for each visit. A-1 Appliance does not bill for diagnostic, labor or parts.

Diagnostic charge is $75.00 for each appliance serviced during initial service call. If you are located outside the city of Burlington, there will be a one time Trip Charge of $15.00 – $25.00, depending on the distance,  per service call. There will be additional labor charged if appliance is not easily accessible such as stacked units,unit needs defrosted, units located in confined spaces, microwave ovens mounted over a stove or dishwashers that have several layers of flooring installed in front of it.

Labor is based on the National Flat Labor Rate for Appliances Guide. The guide assigns a cost to each repair. This system is more fair because the customer does not pay by the hour to train an inexperienced technician.

If parts are ordered for repair, there is a shipping cost that will be charged for the part. At this time, it is $9.50.


A-1 Appliance only uses OEM manufactured parts. The warranty for these parts is One(1) year from date of installation. This one year warranty only covers the part and shipping. Labor after 91 days will be additional.

All labor has a 90 day warranty.

Diagnostic and quotes have a 30 day warranty.

Please note: If your appliance is infested with insects or if I determine your home or business is unsanitary, I will not service your appliance. I will not compromise my other customers’ appliances or homes.